About us

My name is Mohamed El Aloui. I am your personal shopper in Marrakech. On this page, you will find special items that you can find exclusively in the Souk of Marrakech.


I am married .  I am now breadwinner for my whole family here in Marrakech, because I share the house with my father, mother, aunt and grandfather. We live on the border of the Souk of Marrakech. As I was raised here, I am a good negotiator and I know how to get the best prices.


I know that peoples who comes here in Marrakech, are not so good in negotiating, but they want to buy nice things and they do not have enough space in their suitcase. Therefore, you can order the items that you would like to have with me.


Describe what you would like to buy or place a photo from a magazine or a message with photo on my Facebook page and I will seach till I have found it. I will then place a photo with price and you can decide whether you want to have it or whether you still want something else instead.


In this webshop, you find only a limited collection of items. Many more photos of products, you can find on my Facebook page. If you find items you like there, let me know via Facebook. I then place the item directly on this site and you can buy it. In this way, you can keep choosing what you like.


Also, I regularly put photos of new, special discount items on Facebook (). If you want to order one of these special discount items that you have seen on Facebook, let me know on Facebook, then I will put that item on this site with the price and transport costst. 



Items that you order through Marrakech Souk Online will be shipped to the Netherlands once a month. We do this to keep the items and the delivery as cheap as possible. You get a message that the items have arrived in the Netherlands and we ensure that you will get them. In case you need to have these items sooner, that is also possible. In that case, you can have the items even within 48 hrs but that will cost extra (depending on the weight),