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This is a site in Marrakech specialised in Moroccan craftsmanship. You will find in this shop online all kinds of Moroccan handicraft, like Moroccan handbags, pottery, traditional leather, Moroccan poufs, Moroccan boots, slippers in all forms and for all tastes, and much more. All products are 100% authentic Moroccan craftsmanship made in Marrakech.











Moroccan Pottery are filled with colorful treasures, among them, a wide variety of pottery. Vases and pots, decorated with colorful etchings, sit for sale alongside tagines, the conical-shaped cooking pots typical of Moroccan cuisine. Three cities—Fez, Meknes and, especially, Safi, are the main pottery centers of the country, producing about 80 percent of Morocco’s pottery.












Moroccan Leather.Leather working is one of the aspects most important of the Moroccan craft industry: slippers, poufs, bags with hand. will make you with difficulty resist. Each city is specialized in a particular type of production, and one finds in Fès and Marrakech of the districts entirely occupied by tanneries.